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To Create, Analyse and Maximise all solid ideas and business opportunities. To assist others in showing them step by step how to do the same. Honestly, Ethically, Efficiently and Profitably.

Graham Lock

Graham Lock has over 30 years experience in business development, consulting, directorship and business mentorship.

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Typically our clients are Retail Focused Businesses, who are challenged by increasing their market penetration and improving profitability.


We are local, and know what works in our special part of the world. Let us show you what is possible and stop banging your head against the wall.

About Graham Lock

Graham Lock has over 30 years experience in business development, consulting, directorship and business mentorship.

Graham Lock

Graham Lock


Business Development






Business Mentorship


Staff Motivation


Strategic Planning


Client Negotiation


Lease Negotiating


We work tirelessly to help businesses grow and sustain in today’s current climate, with enthusiasm, integrity and commitment we strive to be an asset to any business that may engage our consultation services.


Our forte is helping others,creating mutually agreeable targets, training staff and providing win win results for his clients. Our ideas may not always be orthodox in their approach, but they work.


Our hands on experience with business development, staff motivation,client negotiation, strategic planning, lease negotiating and business ownership, will assist you in achieving your goals.

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1.      How long does it take to become successful? Answer – 1 second. Just long enough to decide you want it. Being successful – at anything – is simply a DECISION. A decision to SHOW UP. PERSIST. to DO THE WORK. and to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your results. See,…

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How can I get my employees to be motivated about what matters to me, which is being profitable? Dear Motivator, Motivation is a complex question for many.  Let’s make it simple. The question is not really about motivation per se, but inspiration and productivity. Obviously, profitability depends upon revenue brought…

Eight Ways to Charm Your Customers in this the Chinese Year of the Snake

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This year is the year of the snake according to the Chinese, and I am sure for many of you, some of your clients could feel like one. So in an effort to tame those slippery clients, here are 8 Great tips on how to charm your clients in this…


"Graham perfectly balances heart-felt idealism with real world pragmatism and an innate business acumen to deliver inspiring, practical and effective personal mentoring. I’ve worked extensively with Graham and he always motivates me to look more deeply and creatively into any situation, find the best in myself and follow through on real, achievable and strategic actions to achieve my goals."

− Tim Baker - Best Selling Author

"I have worked along side Graham for many years, witnessing him turning businesses around to achieve great success. I recommend Graham to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. He has the leading edge knowledge you need to compete in today’s markets, backed up by years of experience. Call Graham today and watch your business take on a new life."

− Dmitry Kandov - Owner

"Graham Lock has a wealth of knowledge which includes comprehensive business solutions and strategic planning. Graham offered me a simple solution to a complex problem that was effective and concise! He has the ability to connect people and communities in a down to earth manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Graham for any future business solutions I require."

− Kylie Mitchell - Smith Director Mitch Media