3 Success Principles to Make 2011 the Year You Achieved True Fulfilment

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Just promise me this, after you’ve read this email, just go out there and take action, follow through with your words and you’ll see the universe unfolding your dreams before your eyes.

Happiness is the only good. The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now. The way to be happy is to help make others so.



First it must be said that Fulfilment and success are relative words, which may only be defined by your own dictionary. Fulfilment to me does not take that same shape nor colour as yours. For that would make a very boring world indeed. But the principles work just the same, no matter whether it is material wealth you are after or spiritual growth that you wish to obtain, the universe has no biases.

This leads me to the first principle I wish to share with you, this is the crucial check point in your path.

1.       You must know what it is that you truly want

Now let me explain, because we all think that we know what we want, but think about it. When you last wanted that car or those pair of shoes, how certain did you feel about that feeling? I’ll bet in that moment, the only thing that mattered to you was obtaining that object of your desires. It swayed you, it moved you, it was your temporary beloved. But then think again, after you bought it and the initial “honeymoon” period had worn off, did you care much for it? Hasn’t the car turned into a mode of transport and those shoes become dust collectors? The moment is fleeting. So make sure you know what you really want and just to sure, ask yourself why you want it.

2.       You must believe that you deserve it.

I’ve seen people fool themselves everyday into believing that they are worth less than what they really are. I don’t think you are one of those people. How? I hear you ask. Because you opened this email, that’s how. But if you know someone like that or life gets you down sometimes, do this. Go to your bathroom and stand in front of the mirror (If there is no mirror in the bathroom then please improvise). Stay there, because I want to introduce you to the one and only person in this whole world who can help you reach your full potential and achieve the things you want in life. But you must deem each other worthy. Go on, look at him/her in the eye, take a long hard look, if you agree to be partners then read on, otherwise stop now, because without that person in the mirror taking the action that needs to be taken, you’re going nowhere, head home, sit in front of the hypnotic box and be satisfied.

As Napoleon Hill once said:

“There is a sure way to avoid criticism—be nothing and do

nothing. Get a job as a street sweeper and kill out ambition. The

remedy never fails.”

You need to be your own fan, your own devoted believer, because when criticism befalls upon you, you’ll need somebody to have your back. That’s you.

3.       Take Action

Without this principle, 100% of all successful people would have failed. The universe revolves around a single physical principle that is called entropy, i.e. energy needs to be inputted to turn chaos into order. It sounds deep, but all that it means is that you need to take action, give your energy in order to bring about the things you want in your life. I’m sure that you are no stranger to “The Secret” the book that made millions for Rhonda, but in addition to imagining and feeling that you are already in possession of what you desire, you need to take action to claim the things you want and bring them to manifest.

Every time an idea comes into your head, act on it. Every time you become inspired, do something about it. It is far more effective visualising yourself taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals rather than simply meditating on the final product. This way when you finally have it, it’ll feel like yours, because you’ve experienced the joy that came with the journey.

The fail safe way to achieving or becoming anything you want is taking action. I’ll make you this promise – if you can figure out a concrete goal to achieve, consistently take the necessary steps towards that goal and modify your approach every time you get a setback, you will be the success that you read about. This is the formula. The only thing that differentiates those who succeed and those who fail is how long you carry on trying.

Go on , feel abundant, go out and achieve, make 2011 your best year yet!

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Graham R Lock mng dir


We are prone to judge success by the size of our salaries, or the size of our cars,
rather than by the quality of our service relationship to humanity

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