About Graham Lock

Graham Lock has over 30 years experience in business development, consulting, directorship and business mentorship. Our hands on experience with business development, staff motivation,client negotiation, strategic planning, lease negotiating and business ownership, will assist you in achieving your goals. Our forte is helping others , creating mutually agreeable targets, training staff and providing win win results for his clients.

Much of this experience has come from conceiving, owning and operating large retail stores throughout Australia, and assisting many other businesses to achieve their goals. More recently successfully establishing several internet based sites with distributors throughout most parts of the world.

From forming alliances with Virgin Records on their opening in Australia to winning International marketing awards from Sony Corporation Japan our hands on experience has also extended to successfully negotiating leases in shopping centres from the Gandel and Westfield Shopping centre groups.

We are passionate about our clients needs and work tirelessly to help businesses grow and sustain in today’s current climate, with enthusiasm, integrity and commitment we strive to be an asset to any business that may engage our consultation services.

Most of this business experience was gained hands on, not from text books or seminars,though we have attended hundred’s of those, including graduating Robert Kiyosaki’s Excellerated Learning Institute in Kona Hawaii, but most of our learning came through, establishing, owning and operating retail stores throughout Australia, and more recently successfully establishing several Internet based retail businesses including www.baliflags.com with distributors throughout most of the world. Our training systems have also worked with large event management groups, especially in the areas of creating opportunities to generate their own cash flows and create growth opportunities.

Our ideas may not always be orthodox in their approach, but they work.

If you are looking for straight forward guaranteed Black n White solutions to your business, retail or event management problems, please contact us for an obligation free discussion, we are here to assist.