How Long Does It Take To Be Successful

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1.      How long does it take to become successful?

Answer – 1 second. Just long enough to decide you want it.

Being successful – at anything – is simply a DECISION.

A decision to SHOW UP. PERSIST. to DO THE WORK. and to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your results.

See, the problem is that most people don’t think that way.
And that’s why they’re not successful….

They say things like:
I’m going to see how it goes before I do anything else.
I hope this is going to work.
I’m waiting to see some results before I make a full commitment.
Those people are never successful.

Read that again: those people are never successful at anything.

It’s like someone sitting in front of a fireplace and
saying, “I’m waiting for it to get warm and then I’ll put in some wood.”


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