How To Compete with Online Shopping

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So Why are more people turning away from traditional retail stores to do their shopping, it is not always about price.


Could these be some of the reason why?


So can you tell us why you decided to abandon the so-called ‘old-fashioned’ shops? I would think that the convenience and immediacy of traditional retail would have won many people over?


Mrs Prodigal: Well, where do I start …? I hate walking into a shop where a doorbell pings. Why can’t they just do their job and pay attention to the customers who walk in, instead of always be chatting to each other.


I hated that sales assistants did not approach me in a friendly, likable manner. They either seemed to jump on you as soon as you entered, or I had to interrupt their private conversations to get service and then they always seemed to simply go through the motions. read more

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