Mystery Shopper

At last an experienced retailer conducting Mystery Shopping Reports and Services on the Gold Coast, Australia, also including Surfers Paradise, Brisbane and areas between. Let us help you improve your business, and increase client satisfaction.

Our ‘Mystery Shopper’ program involves a trained industry expert visiting your premises as an anonymous ‘customer’. This ‘customer’ will experience your product, service and overall ambience first hand and give you a report based on a ‘customer’s experience’ of your establishment.

Areas covered in the report include:

  1. Overall appearance/cleanliness of the store
  2. Initial greeting
  3. Appearance/grooming of staff
  4. Attitude of staff
  5. Professionalism of staff
  6. Sales ability of staff
  7. Overall rating

The report also includes opportunities and suggestions for improvement, particularly in the area of sales and up selling. While not part of the ‘Mystery Shopper’ package, this report often leads to ‘in house’ training sessions on customer service etc. The ‘Mystery Shopper ‘ report combats the normal defences of ‘we don’t do that here’ and allows the training to be delivered in a targeted manner. For further details, please contact me direct.