Online vs Offline or How Would You Like Potential Access to 19 Million Australians for only $50.00 per month

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Online VS Offline

How Would You Like Potential Access to 19 Million Australians for only $50.00 per Month?


I deal with many different clients, from a vast variety of businesses, and yet the one constant I often here is that an online presence, eg your own website, or exposure on Facebook etc is something I don’t really believe will work for me. So let’s explore this a little further.

or many of our clients, their initial resistance is based on their own lack of understanding, (don’t feel bad, I was one of them.) of how this really works and how easy it can be, and just as importantly how inexpensive it is to create your own personal or business online presence. I totally understand this reluctance, as it is often tied in with the belief I don’t have enough time for doing my existing commitments, and a web presence will only add to my already over loaded schedule.

o if any of this sounds like you, please read on, because you are already missing out on your share of an online market that this year will continue to grow.

irstly, how big is this market I am missing out on? Accurate statistics show that over 90% of Australians now use the internet, and one of the big surprises within these users is that almost 90% of them have purchased goods online in the last 12 mths, and are planning on purchasing more.

o let’s just consider this for a minute, you probably already sell a product, idea, event or a service, and if you are like many business owners, may have an actual store, you know a real bricks and mortar building, possibly in a shopping centre, strip mall or other location. Your decision on this location may have been based on many things, but exposure to your potential clients is normally a big one.

For me this is where it starts to be scary, as how expensive are your premises, the monthly lease fees, rates, power, telephone, insurance the list just goes on and on. I am also prepared to bet, that it does not matter where you are located, your concept will never have the possibility of being exposed to over 19 million people in Australia (estimate of Australians with access to the internet) or 6.9 Billion people (current estimate of the worlds pop.) in the world.

o, let us just do a few little calculations, total up all of the expenses that relate to your existing location, divide it by the amount of new clients you connect with each year, and this will give you an average new cost per new client per year. Now, that you know how expensive it is to reach these new clients, how would you feel if I told that for approx $490.00, and around $50.00 per month you could have another arm to your venture, that would not only give you the potential to connect with the 19 million Australians that regularly use the internet, but the worlds 6 plus billion population..

ight about now, I am hoping you will be starting to see the benefit that a web presence can bring. Also about now you are possibly thinking it is still too hard, well right now I want you to give yourself a quick uppercut, because it does not need to be hard, time consuming or complicated. The company that has helped me, and I am no computer guru, is a local company, that is currently also guaranteeing to get your site on the first page of Google, which is the No1 search site in the world.

hink about that for a minute, if I told you I could give you potential exposure to 19 million Australians or billions of people around the world, for a once only fee of around $500.00 and around $50.00 – $100.00 per month, would it be a pretty good offer. You bet, as it is a GREAT offer and it can be done. So stop looking for reasons why you are not there, your new customers are waiting, it is up to you.

If you are still scared or concerned, please contact me on a no charge basis and I will put you in contact with someone locally who really can assist. Stop missing out, and start using this as another tool for your growth.

Warm Regards

Graham Lock

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