Take Out The Fear Increase Your Sales

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Take Out The Fear Increase Your Sales


Here is a simple but Great idea that works, and maybe you might even have heard of this one, but I bet you haven’t implemented it. If you have share your stories.

I don’t wish to waste your time here, but what I do want you to think about is “What Goes On Inside Your Head” when someone is trying to sell you something. What is it that stops you going ahead with many purchasing decisions?  Maybe, I don’t trust them. Do I really need it, Is it the one I really want, Am I paying too much, the list just goes on and on. Well guess what? Your clients think exactly the same. Imagine, what you could achieve if you could stop those noises inside your clients head, Imagine the enormous increase in your results and even better having a heap of new contented clients just raving about your business.


OK, So How Am I Going To Do this?

Recently we assisted a client who sells consumer electronics, large screen televisions etc, basically a product range that nobody really needs, but something many of us lust after. The consumer electronics industry has become one of the most competitive forms of retail in the market place, low margins that are dependent upon high turnover. Sadly though, like many retail industries, they are basically selling a product with a brand name and model number that can be priced out quite easily on the internet. This leads to many potential clients walking into your bricks n mortar retail showroom, for no other reason than confirming what they will purchase at home on the net.


Stay with me here.

Ok, so how would those noises in your head feel, if I said something like, Hi John or Mary, it seems like this really is the product you want, am I right? (Wait for a positive response, if negative ask why) Then what I would like to do is have this delivered with no upfront charge to your home tonight, let’s set it up and then you invite your friends around to watch how fabulous it is. If you have any concerns or in the very unlikely case happen to see someone selling this at less than we are able to do in the next 14 days we will refund the difference.


The day after it is delivered we call the client, and make sure they love it. This process is a little like the pet shop putting a puppy or kitten in your hand, once it’s there, you love it.

But what about the money?

Once your client has agreed to you delivering or allowing them to take the goods, ask for their credit card and assure them it will not be charged until they tell you how much they love it. At which stage you will process the payment or process in instalments subject to the arrangement you have made.


So What Have We Achieved.

You have taken all the fear out of this transaction. Your client now has the opportunity to make sure that this is really what they need and you can bet the moment it is at home and their friends have been around telling them how fabulous it is, you will have a great sale, a client for life and one who will refer their friends.


It’s Called Risk Reversal

Take out the Fear Increase Your Sales


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